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Middelburg - Delta Works

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Discover the largest of the North Sea storm barriers

This route begins at the NS train station in Middelburg and ends at the boat marina in Burghsluis, located on the opposite end of the Oosterscheldekering (Eastern Schelde storm surge barrier). Because of all the large bodies of water that make up Zeeland, train service is limited in this region, making Middelburg the perfect starting point. This is a very diverse bicycling experience for such a short journey. After leaving the city you will find yourself in open pastures with farm land and woods until you arrive in the charming town of Veere. Be sure to take some time to appreciate this harbor town.
Next stop is the North Sea, where you will ride high on the bluffs overlooking the water and watch the Oosterscheldekering come into view. This engineering marvel becomes more amazing as you stop along the way and look down at the massive gates which open and close as needed during storms. These gates normally remain open to allow sea life and water to flow into Oosterschelde National Park, allowing it to breathe with new life. You can explore this area by boat tour, then continue along the water's edge by bike to Zierikzee and visit the official Flood Museum (Watersnoodmuseum) in nearby Ouwerkerk.

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Middelburg - Delta Works

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Burghsluis - Ouwerkerk

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Tell me more about the Delta Works Flood Museum


Museum: The Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk (Museumkaart accepted)

Distance: 28 km | 17.3 miles  (Burghsluis to Museum via Zierikzee)

Distance: 32 km | 20 miles  (Middelburg to Burghsluis marina)

Duration: Day Trip / Over night Zierikzee

Location: Zeeland

Boat Tour: De OnRust, Burghsluis, Zeeland - (see Getting Around / Ferries)

Restaurants: Middelburg, Veere, Westenschouwen, Zierikzee

find my ferry  >Ferry Warning:  Be cautious when using google maps to identify ferries operating around the Zeeland region indicated by the blue dashed lines. Small ferry operators sometimes discontinue service due to changes in passenger demand or the high cost of operating certain routes. Maps are not always up to date! There is a professional Dutch website that provides a map of all the current ferries operating in the Netherlands including their contact information. We recommend that you bookmark it and refer to it often as you plan your trip.

Oosterschelde National Park

This is a huge aquatic and wetlands national park fed by the North Sea. Its character has been heavily influenced by the Delta Works project and is still evolving!


Sea mammals and aquatic bird life are alive and well in this protected sanctuary!

Staying overnight in Zierikzee?

Always book ahead if planning a visit during high season.

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