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El Mar de Sloep


El Mar de Sloep

Private Canal Boat Experience

Roland Boelen is a Graphic Designer and

owns a successful business in Amsterdam.

Fancy a trip across the Amsterdam canals? Completely customized and to your liking? That is possible because Roland Boelen likes to do that. Between May and November, he is regularly found on the water in his sloep 'El Mar'. Roland enjoys traveling with people who want to discover Amsterdam via the water or who want to explore particular, unusual places in the city.

A story is stuck to his new boat 'El Mar'. Because it is originally a rescue and rowing boat from 1957, built for a coaster from the city of Bodø, Norway. After the demolition of the mother ship in IJmuiden, the four sloeps were sold, of which 'El Mar' is one. The now beautifully refurbished diesel engine and tiller equipped sloep guarantees an authentic Amsterdam experience for up to seven people. Especially in combination with the necessary wine and food. Much is possible and negotiable so if you are interested, please contact Roland.

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El Mar is a TV Star!

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