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Bike Routes and Maps

The Official Dutch Recreational Cycling site

Sponsored by the Dutch Government and Provinces



Complimentary and fully documented bike routes for each Province.

All the good stuff is here!


Must use Dutch site for

bicycle routes and maps.

Start here for English information

The Dutch Cyclists' Union

A non-profit organization representing Dutch cyclists

A wealth of news and information if you are willing to google translate


Official Main Dutch Site

Free mapping tool using Junction  (Knooppunt) and LF bike routes


The Fietsersbond Route Planner

Need help translating Dutch?

If you're not familiar with Google Translate, it is so easy to copy and paste Dutch language text with immediate results.

It's a clean visual experience without annoying ads to distract you

TIP:  There is a 5000 character limit per page so if you exceed it when pasting text, then simply click "Translate Next 5000" at bottom of translation page.

Subscription Based Maps
Bicycle Routes of the Netherlands

This service is provided by Falk, a prestigious German map company that specializes in detailed digital maps and data. Their maps are beautiful and professionally done! This is an all-Dutch website, so plan to translate in order to read all the bike route descriptions.


They require you to register with an email in order to use their service. Once registered, you immediately receive 7 free days of Premium service. Afterwards, it will default to a free service with fewer features. You'll never be asked for a credit card unless you actively enroll. Moderately priced at €9.99 per year.


Best websites to get you started

This is a very informative and well designed website dedicated to foreign bicycle tourists visiting the Netherlands. They have covered all the bases and it's well worth your visit.

Bicycle Dutch

Here you will find an impressive video library introducing you to just about every aspect of Dutch cycling life. Each video will engage you more and help lure you to the Netherlands.

The Cycling Dutchman

An easy-to-read personal blog by a Dutchman living in England who publishes a quality cycle route guidebook of premium routes in the Netherlands. Take a moment.

This is the official

"Welcome to The Netherlands" website.


Premium Dutch Touring Bicycles

VAT Refund Notice:

If you are thinking of purchasing a new bike and want get all of your VAT refunded, be sure to read about this in  Money Matters

SANTOS bikes are hand-made in the town of Nieuw-Vennep, located in the province of North Holland.

They offer a 2-hour factory tour every Friday by appointment.

A short bike ride from the tulip fields of South Holland.

KOGA bikes are hand-made in the town of Heerenveen, located in the province of Friesland.

A well respected name. Many will remember their long-term relationship with Japanese frame maker Miyata.  They have been making touring bikes since 1980.

If you're curious about all the praise you've heard for Dutch-made bikes, then take a moment to see why. These are two high-end touring bike companies located in the Netherlands and worthy of your consideration.


They both allow you to design and price out your dream bike using an online customization form. You can quickly calculate and see which options fit your budget. You can then contact an authorized bike shop in the Netherlands to order and pick up your bike when you arrive. In the Amsterdam area, some will even offer a concierge service to rebox your bike and then arrange transport for you and your bicycle to Schiphol by van for your departure home.

For some...  A dream come true to own a Dutch bicycle