Netherlands By Bike


Logistics and other ideas

Bike Planning

Rent Bring or Buy?

Suggestions on whether to bring your own bike

The question of whether to bring your own bike is at the top of our list. Depending on how much time you have available, your confidence level in packing your own bike and your level of expectations, this is one of the most critical decisions that will determine the quality of your experience. The important thing is that you have options with each having its own benefits. Allow us to share some thoughts that may help you to decide.

Selecting a US Airline

Be informed before you start booking

Once you decide to travel with your bike to Amsterdam, you need to be thinking of size and weight requirements for your bike box. But more importantly you need to understand the relationship between your primary US Airline and any other partner airline you will be flying with.  Be sure your airline will broker your bike all the way through to your final US destination. Allow us to share our thoughts with you...

Welcome to the Netherlands

Schengen, Passports and other fun facts

If you're new to traveling to Europe from North America then you may not be familiar with the Schengen Treaty and how it affects you. There are new rules coming in 2021 for US visitors. Know about your length of stay limits in the European Union. What if you fall in love with the Dutch lifestyle and want to quit your job and move there? There are special opportunities for American citizens that make this possible if you qualify.

Schiphol Airport

Guidelines for fast tracking you and your bike

This section is for those bringing their own bicycles into Schiphol Airport and needing a place to re-assemble or temporarily store their bikes and personal property. Planning to ride your bike to Amsterdam? This is a fun experience and a short distance by bike. Did you know that this airport lies on reclaimed land and is below sea level? Many old ships were discovered sunken here... thus Ship Hole!

Bike Storage

Think railroad stations!

There has been a huge investment by the Dutch government and NS Rail in developing state-of-the-art bicycle parking garages located in all major city railway stations. The most recent was just opened in the city of Utrecht and is the envy of the bicycle world. Be sure to have a bicycle locking strategy figured out before you arrive and always select a hotel that can provide safe accommodations for your bike.

Dial 112 Emergency

European version of 911

You can dial 112 from any mobile phone in the Netherlands and most of the EU. It's reported that your phone will work even without a SIM card or a calling plan. Don't hesitate!
Dutch Police should be contacted for the same reasons you would contact the police in the USA and Canada. Protect and Serve is universal for most police officers.
Medical Emergencies are when you clearly need an ambulance.

Dutch Bicycling Guidlines

It's more than just bicycling etiquette!

Please take a moment to read about Dutch bicycling customs and safety issues. Do you know the proper use of hand signals? Are you aware of how to read sharks teeth and who has right of way? If you approach a roundabout and people screech to a stop, you better know the rules. Ever wonder how so many people can cycle together and not collide with each other? There is a sensitivity that Dutch bicyclists have grown up with and a visitor needs to observe and take note to understand the subtle nature of their actions.