Netherlands By Bike


Getting Around

Train Travel

Welcome to one of the most bicycle friendly rail networks in all of Europe. You can quickly transport you and your bike anywhere in the Netherlands by rail, which is important when you're on a holiday schedule. Whether you are traveling a long distance or just going to the next city or town, the rail system provides a vast network of modern trains and stations throughout the Netherlands. Take a moment to learn more about them!


Planning to use public transportation during your visit? This is a ticketless system that allows you to pay as you go by swiping your prepaid card. This section deserves your attention because it causes the most confusion for first time users. Once you have the ov-chipkaart in hand, you will appreciate the freedom that it offers you to move about. Let us show you how it works and how it doesn't.


Ferries are a fun way of discovering the Netherlands and a critical mode of transportation in a country surrounded by water.
The Dutch have perfected the art of the ferry through innovation and their commitment to providing this service to travelers. You will be surprised at the diversity of ferry boats that you will encounter on your bicycle adventures. There is a website dedicated to showing you all of them so be sure to explore the possibilities!

Local Transport

Want to have the local experience? Don't hesitate to use the public transit system to get around. You will discover one of the most modern and efficient mass transit systems in all of Europe. Amsterdam can be challenging for a bicyclist visiting there for the first time, so local transport is a great way of relaxing and observing local bicyclists in action before you get out on your own. Your bicycle is welcome on some forms of transport and not on others, so it's good to know the difference in advance.