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Bike Path Planning

The LF Bicycle Network

by Fietsplatform    Time: 01:59

This is the national network of long distance bike paths throughout the Netherlands and selected for longer holiday distances and scenic value. See how it works in this short video.

Read more about the LF Routes here

The Cycle Junction Network

by Fietsplatform    Time: 02:10

...and this is the national network of local bike paths throughout the Netherlands and intended more for intercity travel and shorter distances. You will see them referred to as a knooppunt on sign posts. See how it works in this short video.

Read more about the Cycle Junction Network here

An Introduction to Dutch bicycling culture

Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam

by Streetfilms   Time: 10:25

Here is a well produced and important film to watch about cycling in Amsterdam. Many good interviews with knowledgeable insiders who understand and share their personal experiences and knowledge with you.

How the Dutch got their cycle paths

by BicycleDutch    Time: 06:29

An intimate look at the history that led to the growth of the modern Dutch cycle path system. Nicely narrated with an easy to follow history lesson.

Groningen:  The World's Cycling City

by Streetfilms       Time: 15:35

This film highlights the Dutch city of Groningen, which is considered the birthplace of the modern day, progressive bicycle city. They had the vision and political will to create the perfect place to ride a bike. They are now a model for other Dutch and European cities and towns.

Cycling in the US  from  a Dutch perspective

by BicycleDutch     Time: 05:18

An honest and perceptive review of cycling in the US from a Dutch filmmaker. His camera captures everyday cycling habits in America and allows you to see just how silly and dangerous our bicycling infrastructure is and what we put up with as a tax paying society. Recognize any of these situations?

Cycling with babies and toddlers

by BicycleDutch     Time: 03:25

Take a moment for a cuteness break and enjoy some of these everyday street scenes of parents and their kids on bikes. Notice the casual expressions on everyone's face while facing the dangers of riding your most precious cargo around the city on a bike. There is an amazing amount of trust that Dutch cyclists seem to have in each other.

For a more comprehensive news story, enjoy this well written article by the Guardian.

Land and the Water

Lessons from Holland on fighting

rising sea levels

by CBS Sunday Morning News     Time: 06:54 told in the low key story telling style of this classic Sunday morning TV show. This news story will take you back to the beginning of the Dutch struggle against rising sea levels, bring you up to the present on how they have adapted and how they are planning for the future. Meet Henk Ovink, water ambassador from The Netherlands who provides an uplifting view of progress being made.

The Story of the Tulips

by Tractorspotter     Time: 16.08

This is a fascinating look at the modern day Tulip farm in the Netherlands and what goes on behind the scenes. Did you know the flower is discarded and only the bulb is harvested? This documentary takes you through one year in the life of a tulip farmer and what the process looks like. Tulip planting and harvesting machinery is very unique to this type of agriculture and fun to watch. If you just can't get enough and want to see more videos...

Hollands Barriers to The Sea

by Largest Dams     Time: 44:20

This is a full length documentary and is worthy of your time if you want to know the history of Dutch flooding disasters and the modern day solutions. You'll appreciate knowing all this before you get there.

Just for fun

De Pijp, Amsterdam 1972

by BicycleDutch   Time: 09:35

This is an excerpt from a Dutch television documentary that appeared in 1972 which highlights the plight of young school children living in the working class neighborhood of De Pijp.  They were denied a safe place to live and play due to constant auto traffic in their neighborhood. They fought back and won! This was a pivotal moment during the “Stop de Kindermoord” movement.

The Netherlands:  Struggle for Land

The  Films  of  Ernest  Kleinberg

by Robert Kleinberg   Time: 29:48

This film is about the Zuiderzee project and the post WWII phase of land reclamation, which created the Province of Flevoland in the 1950's and 60's. The film provides a rare look at a bygone era in Dutch dijk construction. They don't make documentaries like this anymore. This filmmaker had a golden talent in narrating his films and this no exception.

Fishing Villages Along The Zuiderzee

by Eye Filmmuseum   Time: 08:49

If you plan on exploring North Holland along the IJsselmeer, you should watch this video to appreciate the culture that used to live there. Be sure to visit the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen.


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