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Welcome to the Twelve Dutch Provinces

North Holland

South Holland






Friesland (Fryslân)





The Wadden Islands






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North = "Noord"  

South = "Zuid"

East = "Oost"

West = "West"

Bodies of Water

North Sea         Wadden Sea         IJsselmeer




Major Rivers

Begins in Swiss Alps and flows north through Germany and the Netherlands to the North Sea.

Begins in France and flows north through Belgium and the Netherlands to the North Sea.

Begins in France and flows north through Belgium and the Netherlands to the North Sea.

Map of the Netherlands

A few Bike Routes to get you started...

South Holland

Kinderdijk Windmills

If you came to Holland to see windmills, this tour is seriously worth your consideration. Visit the 19 authentic windmills of Kinderdijk, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The round trip tour begins in the famous cheese town of Gouda and takes you through a diverse landscape of small towns, farms, and canals. Make time to explore Gouda. This ride will introduce you to the complex water management system that makes up South Holland. Consider returning by ferry to Rotterdam if your time is limited.

A view of Kinderdijk along the bike path.

The Dutch village of Marken

North Holland

Amsterdam to Edam

This tour takes you on a comfortable round trip between Amsterdam to Edam. If you need a "warm up" tour to get your legs moving again after a long journey, this should be at the top of your list. Ride through small villages and experience the dijks along the IJsselmeer. Enjoy the ferry ride between the historic towns of Marken and Volendam and explore the cheese town of Edam. A comprehensive single day experience of what Holland has to offer!

North Holland

Enkhuizen to Medemblik

This is an easy tour that allows you to explore the historic maritime city of Enkhuizen and its beautiful location along the IJsselmeer. The town is home to some of the finest old sailboats the Dutch have to offer. Ride along the dijks to the town of Medemblik, where you can stay the night. This makes for the perfect "getaway from Amsterdam" for a night trip! The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen must be on your itinerary to fully appreciate the uniquely Dutch history of this region and the difficulties water has imposed on its people.

Sailboats on the IJsselmeer at sunset.

Aerial view of the Oosterschelde storm barrier along the North Sea.


Middelburg to Delta Works

Welcome to Zeeland and the heart of the giant storm barriers along the North Sea. The Delta Works is an engineering marvel and it plays a critical role in a massive water management system. The Oosterschelde National Park is a result of this environmental protective zone. You can experience the park on board a local tour boat that offers nature cruises for up close encounters with marine mammals and bird life, providing unique photography opportunities. Middelburg is a warm and friendly city that is surrounded by other water tour possibilities around Zeeland.


Middelburg to Brugge Belgium

A short distance from the Dutch border is the picturesque city of Brugge in Belgium. This tour is very diverse, ranging from the tranquil farmland of Zeeland to the open blue waters of the North Sea and a visit back in time to the medieval city of Brugge. Enjoy a high speed ferry ride across the Westerschelde. We highly recommend a side trip to Ghent afterwards for an even more grandiose experience. You will fall in love with both cities for their memorable architecture.

The Dijver Canal in the medieval city of Brugge.

A common site along the bike path in the Friesland countryside.


Enkhuizen to Wadden Islands

This tour is all about bike paths along picturesque farmland, island dunes and big water ferry rides! Sail across the IJsselmeer to the town of Stavoren in Friesland and ride up the coastal route to Harlingen. From here you can sail across the Waddenzee to either of two car-free islands; Vlieland or Terschelling. On your ride north from the ferry terminal, Workum is a perfect overnight location off the bike path to experience a small town with the charm of bucolic Friesland.


Leeuwarden to Stavoren

This tour offers something for everyone. It includes bike and ferry rides through cities, the countryside, woodland paths, coastal areas, and small historic villages. The land is filled with canals, and as you ride along the bike path, you are likely to spot sailboats seeming to glide along in the field next to you as it follows the intricate network of waterways in Friesland. It also offers the relatively rare opportunity in the Netherlands to ride through dense forests on bike paths, leading ultimately to a coastal ride to the ferry in Stavoren.

A traditional Friesland farmhouse

A view of the the Magere Brug ("Skinny Bridge")

along the Amstel River in Amsterdam.

North Holland

Amsterdam Amstel River

This is a short and pleasant ride along the Amstel River from Amsterdam's city center to the village of Ouderkerk ann de Amstel. From there, you begin the loop around the beautiful Ronde Hoep polder, which provides you a first hand experience of reclaimed land. You will ride along dijks and canals through small family farms. There are opportunities to take a small ferry and to eat out along the way. The perfect "lazy day" bike ride.

North Holland

Schiphol to Amsterdam

Here is the perfect introduction into the city of Amsterdam from Schiphol. As you exit the airport outer perimeter, you will soon find yourself immersed into a forested city park called "Amsterdamse Bos". After a beautiful wooded tour, you will eventually leave the park and enter Amsterdam Zuid as you continue toward the Amstel River. Once you reach the river, enjoy the journey into Amsterdam along the Amstel until you reach the canal district and Magere Bridge.

The bike path leaving Schiphol Airport