Netherlands By Bike




2022 Edition

Self-managing a bicycling holiday to The Netherlands from the USA is easier than you might think!

Beginning Dutch...

Bicycle = "Fiets"


pronounced "feets"

Bicycle Path = "Fietspad"


pronounced "feets-pod"

Bicyclist = "Fietser"

pronounced "feets-er"

Discover the Netherlands by Bike

A Practical Guide for the American Traveler

If you love the simple joys of bicycling and are looking for endless miles of safe and modern bike paths, look no further than the Netherlands. They have developed one the most advanced bicycle-based transportation systems in the world!  The Dutch have created a "dream come true" experience for bicycle tourists who want to spend their holiday on two wheels and feel safe while doing it.


This is not a typical Dutch travel site.  It was designed specifically for the adventurer like you who wants to self- manage their own bicycle holiday experience to the Netherlands from the USA. We hope to help fast-track your planning decisions by sharing our personal experiences and perspectives.


Perhaps you're seeking an active vacation away from work, or want to introduce your kids to a new life-changing experience, or you may be someone in a public policy position who wants to learn from the Netherlands to bring a more bike-centric culture back home.  Whoever you are, we are convinced you will come home a more passionate bicycle ambassador.


If you are a sports bike enthusiast, this may or may not be the adventure for you.  But if you are willing to slow down, strap some panniers to your bike, wear everyday clothing and leave your helmet at home, we promise you will enjoy the ride!

KingThomas was created by two American bike tourists who embrace and promote the Dutch bike culture and want to share their experience with others.



How may we help you?

Why Holland ?

Why Holland ?

‣ First class "Fietspad" system
‣ Bicycle friendly people
‣ Flat terrain, Easy cycling
‣ Rich history and culture
‣ Modern infrastructure

Bike Routes

‣ Some of our personal route
‣ GPS file downloads (GPX)
‣ Printable maps (PDF)
‣ NL - the big picture

Getting Around

‣ Traveling the Dutch rail system
with your bicycle.
‣ Understanding OV-Chipkaart
‣ Public transportation
‣ Using ferries and water taxis



‣ Useful Mobile Apps
‣ Airline Bike Boxes
‣ Book reviews
‣ Bicycle friendly lodging
‣ Mapping software

Money Matters

Money Matters

‣ Chip and Pin credit cards
‣ Using ATM's and banks
‣ Foreign transaction fees
‣ Paying in cash / Tipping
‣ VAT refunds



‣ Bike path planning
‣ Dutch bicycle culture
‣ Land and water
‣ Historical films
‣ Travel TV programs

Bike Planning

‣ Rent, Bring or Buy a bike
‣ Schiphol Airport and your bike
‣ Entering the Netherlands
‣ Dutch bicycling guidelines
‣ Where to store your bike

more Research

‣ Visit well-known Dutch route
planning sites
‣ Discover other internet voices
‣ Thinking of a new Dutch bike?
‣ Translate Dutch websites

more Research