Netherlands By Bike


Arriving at Schiphol

Baggage Claim

Where to go from here...

Once you clear Immigration and claim your bags, you can pick up your bike in the Odd Size Baggage claim area located in the Arrivals terminal 3 & 4. Be sure to grab one of the free baggage carts and proceed to the Baggage Storage area located on the other side of the Airport (see map below).


The Baggage Storage area provides a convenient location to unbox and re-assemble your bicycle and to quickly store items that you want to retrieve later. You can store your bike and bike box for any period up to one month and they have an abundant selection of storage lockers. This is also a good place to abandon your shipping box if you're done with it. New bike boxes are available for sale behind the customer service counter. You can read the details on Schiphol bike boxes in our Resources section. Storage rates and time restrictions are shown below.


Tip: Be careful if you ask airport personnel where to store your bike because many of them are not aware that you can store your bike in the Baggage Storage area and may send you elsewhere such as the free and unsecured bike parking areas outside the terminal. Not recommended.


Jet Lag Anyone? ... or perhaps you just need a bike break? If your schedule and budget allows it, you really should consider checking your bike and box for the night at Schiphol and take the next train into Amsterdam. Enjoy a nice meal and a good night's sleep then come back fresh in the morning to unpack and assemble your bike. It's a short and inexpensive train ride between Schiphol and Amsterdam. It's also a good opportunity to check out the train system and city first without the hassle of a bike.

Claim your bike here! Look for this sign at the baggage claim area.

Map of Arrivals and Schiphol Plaza

A Visual Map for Bicycle Tourists

Directions to Bike Path:

It can be tricky finding the bike path out of the airport since there are NO signs directing you as you exit the airport terminal main hall.


So, as you exit the Arrival Terminal doors to the street, turn right and go under the pedestrian skybridge. Do not cross the street. Walk your bike along the sidewalk while keeping the Sheraton Hotel in sight. Once there, cross the street and begin your journey. Have fun!

If your first destination is Amsterdam, you might be interested in this scenic bike route to the city center:

Aerial view of bike path out of Schiphol Airport

Baggage and Bike Storage

Long and Short Term

Baggage Depot

The baggage depot is in the Baggage Storage area which is located in the basement of the Arrivals terminal. You can store your bicycle, bike box and other odd sized items securely and safely with an agent for up to one month. They take cash or chip and pin cards only (credit or debit) for the initial 24 hours and the balance is paid upon pickup.


If you've invested money in your bike box and want to re-use it on your return trip, you can store it at the Baggage Depot. It's not cheap but if you're willing to pay the price for convenience then give it some thought. If you're traveling with someone else and have re-usable cardboard boxes such as the Air Caddy, they can be broken down and strapped together as one. Bring your own straps! Just be sure to have packing tape to re-box for your return. They don't sell it anywhere at the airport and it's not provided if you purchase the Schiphol bike box.


Tip: Be sure to take a photo of your receipt in case you lose it. Big hassles trying to retrieve your bike without it.


Baggage Lockers

There is a large selection of baggage lockers in the Baggage Storage area located in the basement of the Arrivals terminal. Baggage can be stored in lockers for a maximum of 168 hours (7 days). The storage fee is to be paid by debit or credit cards and must have a chip and pin. Cash is not accepted. You are charged for the first 24 hours with the balance paid upon pickup.

Checking a loaded bike box for a few days

Need to store some things?

Storage Period

Total Cost

1 Week   (7-days)


2 Weeks (14-days)


3 Weeks (21-days)


4 Weeks (28-days)


One Month (31-days)


Calculated based on pricing rates on left

Long Term - Baggage Depot Rates (bulk items)

Maximum 1 Month

Cost per piece for a 24 hour period

First 7 days:   7

Day 8 thru 31:   6

If checking multiple cardboard bike boxes, try  strapping them together and check as one item!

2020 prices shown

Short Term - Locker Rates

Maximum 7 Days

Locker Size

Daily Cost









Medium Plus


Extra Large

€ 6

€ 7

€ 8

€ 9.50

€ 11.50


43 x 34 x 80 cm

58 x 34 x 80 cm

58 x 50 x 80 cm

90 x 51 x 80 cm

120 x 50 x 80 cm


17 x 13.4 x 31.5 in

22.8 x 13.4 x 31.5 in

22.8 x 19.7 x 31.5 in

35.4 x 20 x 31.5 in

47.2 x 19.6 x 31.5 in

2020 prices shown

Baggage storage area where you can unbox and re-assemble your bike